Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Internal Clock is Ringing

I grew up in a military family; did the standard move every two to three years. Growing up I didn't ever realize or care where we moved, we just did. I got to experience so much, more than anyone I know-- living in the Amazon, swimming across the highest lake in the world, deserts, mountains, oceans, you name it, I've been there. It was only when I moved from Bolivia to Chile for 10th grade that I was sad and even more depressed when I left Chile for Virginia in my senior year of high school. As much as it broke my heart knowing that I was suddenly not going to be able to graduate with my friends I was glad I got to move back to the States; it was (like every other time) a good experience.

But I remember thinking to myself "I'll never want to move again". I was jealous of all the people who grew up in the same state with the same people. I just wanted to settle and grow in one place.

But now I've been here in Virginia for about two years...and something just feels so...itchy. I feel like something needs to change. Granted, I live in Fredericksburg, not a mecca of fun and excitement, but still and enjoyable place to live. The summer has me wanting something. The ringing is so loud.

Perhaps I need to move. Fredericksburg is like maple syrup, sweet and slow. I want to live faster. I've never had a city life. I want to make art and see art. I want to go to galleries and shows and listen to jazz and orchestras. I want to go restauranting. I want more reasons to wear my best clothes. I want to see and be seen. And I don't think I could cure this with a trip to D.C. or Richmond, maybe I'm wrong; perhaps it would help satisfy least for a short while.

There are also the people. I love the people here, but too many are the kind that would travel to India only to have McDonalds. I want to be with people who aren't satisfyied with a mediocre life; Let's have fun at a party one night and go build houses the next day, maybe we could go see some paintings and then fool around behind that statue; anything! Most of all, I'd like to be with people who are willing to do these things without reservations, I don't want to have to beg and plead. Instead I find myself being told that the things I want are out of my reach or that "they just don't do that" (in a very condesending way).

Well I can only hit Snooze for so long before I have to get up and go. I'm going to make things change, I'm going to do it for me.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kat and Josh

Just some pictures of Kat and Josh. Ewww.

Link to my online portfolio~

Friday, March 6, 2009

Road Tripping

Our road trip to Williamsburg. Me in shotgun of course.
Edited by me. Music by Kings of Leon.