Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What I want for Christmas (Part 1)


Dear Mr. Santa Claus,

Would you be so kind as to bring me a Nintendo DS? I know, I'm in college, but there's nothing wrong with holding on to your youth. Don't judge me. My friend Magan Carrigan has Pokemon-Diamond/Pearl and it hurts not knowing what she talking about when she says things like " I'm about to curb stomp the Elite Four and Team Glacatic with my newly caught level 60(-billion) Dialga".

WTF is a Dialga?..Team who? I'm so lost.

Or maybe you could get me a bike. Heaven knows that I am all over campus and my feet can only travel so fast; it's not rare for me to be late for some of my classes. On top of that, all the cool kids have them. I'd really like to be cool for Christmas, Santa.

Good all year long,
Kevin McDonough


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